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Right from the very first point of contact, the T&T Constructions team will support our clients every step of the way throughout their project. We have all the processes to ensure the client’s project runs efficiently. We have the capability of delivering a customer’s project from concept stage through to total turnkey. We have a formal and consistent relationship with quality trades and suppliers. 

At T&T Constructions, because the homes, townhouses and units are custom built to client requirements, project costings do vary significantly in accordance with the design, size, materials and choices made. Working with you, we will provide you detailed project cost estimates right from the beginning and will communicate immediately if or when cost changes occur. In particular we are very aware of our client’s project budgets requirements and will take care in guiding you to a direction which will suit your needs. 

The process for the way we operate with our clients is provided below:

New Homes Building Guide

If you select our Company to build your new home, to start the building process after your initial meeting with us, we will work with you to obtain copies of your land & property details as follows: 

  • Section 32 Vendor Statement
  • Covenants, developer guidelines, restrictions
  • Certificate of title and plan of subdivision 
  • Sewer Detail Plan (if available)
  • Stormwater point of discharge (if     available)
  • Property information report (if     available)

Stage one

We will work with you on the following:

  1. Selection of house design concept, including facade and other requests 
  2. Detailed site inspection including pre design concept of dwelling location 
  3. Order the soil report (which tells us what class slab you need). 
  4. Order site level survey. 
  5. Price up site costs (if required -- i.e. land with steep fall, presence of rock etc.)

Stage Two

Once Stage One is completed and you wish to proceed we proceed as follows:

  1. Establish pre finance approval status (if required)
  2. Order detailed working drawings/plans
  3. Order Energy Efficiency Rating Report (6 star rating)
  4. Order engineering and computations
  5. Produce a Draft copy of your specifications and colour schedule 
  6. Select colours & product details
  7. Prepare your building contract and project specifications. 
  8. Arrange for you to sign your plans, specifications and contracts and be ready to pay a 5% deposit of the total estimated contract price. 

Stage Three
Initiate construction start

Once your finance is approved and we have received a formal statement from your lender we will then invoice you for the balance of the 5% deposit balance as per the estimated contract price. Upon payment we will then proceed to build your home as follows

  1. Apply for the building permit.
  2. Once building permit has been issued construction will commence, and proceed through a number of stages.
  3. We will invite you to make regular visits to your new home building site during the construction phase on a regular basis or as you may request.
This is the basic format of the preliminary stages before building. We take pride in keeping our customers involved and informed every step of the way. We trust that the building experience will be a pleasant one and that you enjoy many years of comfort in your new home. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Looking for a quality & affordable constructor for your next project?

Contact details:

Troy Ashton - Managing Builder (DBU: 30532)

Mobile: 0403 195 180

Email: troy@tandtconstructions.com.au

Peter Ashton - Projects & Administration

Mobile: 0418 525 474

Email: peter@tandtconstructions.com.au

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